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NPO EXMPP.ORG - Free Software Nonprofit Organization

We started distributing free software in 2020. Today a lot of people use the work of EXMPP.ORG for their projects.
Our goal is free software everywhere, from smartphones and computers to coffee machines and Tamagotchi toys.

Meet with free software

There is a lot of free software in the world. Read more about it at the links below:

Erlang XMPP Library

Long time ago this domain owned by Erlang XMPP Library, some documentation still mentions EXMPP.ORG with it. If you need this library you can download it from Github or use direct download

XMPP Guide

If you want install your own XMPP Server you can use unformatted manual for this - [RU lang] or use 3rd party site with formatted guide Pingvinus.ru


If you have any questions or suggestions email me at staticfoo@exmpp.org - [ GPG ]

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